DECEMBER 17, 2023

We are processing the last batch of orders to ship Monday, December 18th. I will update you to confirm when all Black Friday orders have shipped.


DECEMBER 16, 2023

We are currently working on orders starting at #28984. It's looking like we'll have the remaining Black Friday orders ready to ship on Monday. Thank you again for your patience.


DECEMBER 14, 2023

So sorry for missing an update yesterday! I just realized I missed a day when I came here to post.

A quick note about processing time:

Processing orders was a little slower at first because there were sooo many stickers to print and cut. But now that we have been producing stickers like crazy, orders will start processing more quickly since inventory is bulking up. Our goal is to have all Black Friday weekend orders shipped this weekend. (We are making a note for next year to stock up on stickers better ahead of time.)

We are currently working on orders starting at #28968


DECEMBER 12, 2023

We are processing orders 28940-28959.



Orders #28930-28939 have been printed and cut. I will pack them to ship tomorrow.

We have started printing and cutting the next batch.


DECEMBER 11, 2023

Orders #28917-28929 are ready to ship today.

We have printed and are now cutting the next batch. I will post the numbers of each batch as they are ready to ship.


DECEMBER 10, 2023

We spent the weekend printing and cutting stickers for Black Friday weekend orders. We have quite a stack to get through! Each day I will update you on which orders are shipping so you know where your order is in the queue. 

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We are trying to get your orders out as fast as we can.


DECEMBER 9, 2023

Sorry today's update is being posted so late in the day - or, technically, early in the morning :)  We have finished all orders place November 17-23 and have already shipped them or will ship the last handful on Monday.

We have started working on orders from Black Friday weekend. These will start shipping on Monday and early next week. We will ship orders every day as they are processed.


DECEMBER 8, 2023

Today we are shipping a little over 2/3 of the orders placed November 17-23. We will continue with the last third of the orders tonight and tomorrow.

That will bring us to Black Friday weekend orders, which will start shipping on Monday. I'll keep you posted each day on our progress.


DECEMBER 7, 2023

Last night we finished printing, cutting and started packing the subs. We'll finish packing up the subs today and ship everything out.

Then we will start on orders placed November 17-19 this afternoon.


DECEMBER 6,, 2023

Last night we were able to cut a little more than half of the sub sticker kits. Today we will finish the rest. I will ship as many subs as I can today and the rest will ship tomorrow.

Last night I printed all the labels for our monthly subs in order to prep the mailers, so you should have already received your tracking numbers. But please note that the subs will be taken to the post office today and tomorrow.

* Thank you so much for the outpouring of kindness and understanding. My family member (keeping it vague to respect her privacy) is still intubated but they were able to get her collapsed lung re-inflated to 90%. So far she is in stable condition. Your care for my family and for my well being is the best gift this holiday season.


DECEMBER 5, 2023

We are experiencing a slight delay in processing orders. I sent an email to all customers who placed orders from November 17-26, as well as our monthly subscribers, to explain the delay. Here is the plan for processing these orders:

January Themed Subs to ship Wednesday and Thursday

Orders placed November 17-19 to ship Thursday and Friday

Orders placed November 20-23 to ship Friday and Saturday

Orders place November 24-26 to start shipping December 11th

 Check back here for daily updates.