Did you know we have printable stickers available our Etsy shop? Our printables shop offers more designs than what we have listed in our main shop.

Every printer and cutting machine is different, so unfortunately we can't provide detailed technical support for printables, but below are a few tips that may help.

Please note that we currently only offer files for Silhouette machines. We will add files for Cricut machine soon.

I'm going to share tips for how to print and cut if you don't have a Silhouette machine, and tips for how to print and cut by hand and with a Silhouette machine.


1. Print the pdf file onto your sticker paper of choice. Make sure your printer is set to "Actual Size" or "No Scaling" or your stickers won't print at the right size. I like my settings on the "Best" print quality.


2. Cut your stickers by hand or use a craft punch. I use something similar to this 5/16" single hole punch for circle icons.


* I use the Silouette Cameo machine. 

1. From the Silhouette software, print the studio file onto your sticker paper of choice. like my settings on the "Best" print quality.

2. Adjust the settings on your Silhouette machine. 

- In the Silhouette software, on the right side menu, click the blue "Send" button.

- Below that, click on the "Line" tab.

- Under "Line Color", make sure only the red color is checked.

- The Material setting should be on Sticker Paper, White (I use this setting for clear paper as well).

- The Action setting should be on "Cut"


3. Check your blade setting. You should experiment with your blade settings, but what has worked for me is setting the physical blade itself to around 1. Sometimes I need to adjust this a little lower/higher.


Back in settings, I set the Speed to "8" and the Force to "14". Again, you should experiment with your settings to see what works for you.

4. Send your stickers through the Silhouette machine to be cut. Attach your sticker sheet to a cutting mat and load into your machine. At the bottom of the menu, click the blue "Send" button.

5. Trim your sticker sheets. I use a paper cutter like this Swingline Guillotine paper trimmer. There is a faint gray line on the sticker sheet to guide you in trimming your sticker sheets down to size. 

And that's it! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Or, if you have any other helpful tips, please do share!  

* This post contains affiliate links - you don't pay anything extra, but I get a small compensation when you use these links to make your purchase. Thank you for your support!

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